1-2 weeks. (Down payment due)
Layout Pool:
Frame pool with wood to match shape on your proposal
Excavator digs pool while walls are hand shaped
3/8" steel is placed in pool to form what will become a steel basket.
Plumbing is installed that will not be accessible after concrete is sprayed. i.e. main drains, fountains, jets, in floor cleaners.
Steel inspection:
City or county inspect the job to assure all work meets code.
Plumbing inspection:
City or county inspect the job to assure all work meets building codes.
High strength concrete is applied pneumatically at 400 lbs. of pressure to ensure the highest quality shell.(Shell payment due)
Wood forms are removed and deck area is graded.
Pool equipment is set on site (unless house is under construction) Installed on 4" slab poured on site. All lines are connected to proper inlets and outlets on pool and pressure tested.
City or county check plumbing to ensure all plumbing holds pressure.
Form Deck:
Perimeter of deck is formed with wood. Plumbing is covered. Deck drains are installed.
6" Waterline tile and coping:
Installed around perimeter of pool and/or spa.
Power is run to pool equipment location. Panel is set with breakers and timer. Equipment is hooked up. Deck is grounded. Lights are installed.
Electric inspection:
City or county checks to ensure all electric codes are met.
Deck Pour:
4" nominal thickness concrete slab is poured with proper drainage and expansion control. (Deck payment due)
Top Deck:
Kool deck, acrylic toppings applied or interlocking pavers are installed.
Enclosure is built to engineer's standards.
Prep pool for interior finish:
Waterproof marquis or exposed aggregate is installed and then washed.
Pool is filled:
24 - 48 hours, depending on pool size, water pressure, etc. (do not turn water off) Final Payment Is Due.
Fire-up and clean pool:
Tile is cleaned. Pool is brushed. Chemicals are balanced. Pumps are turned on 24 hours a day. Deck is cleaned.
Yard clean up:
All construction debris is removed from yard and dirt is graded.
Pool operation instructions:
Cleaning equipment is brought to house, and pool owner is instructed of proper pool care and maintenance. (Pool owner calls us for appointment)
Deck sealing or final acrylic coat applied:
(can be rain delayed)
After pool interior has cured - - Pool and spa are ready to use!
State Licensed Certified Residential Pool / SPA Contractor           Sean Jones, CPC #1457060